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Many nights ago the founders of What to Rent were wandering aimlessly through the aisles of their local video store wondering what to rent. They knew good rentals were out there, they just didn't know how to find them. They tried movie reviews, but they were usually too boring and gave away too much plot. They tried asking their mothers, but one can only rent the movie "Booty Call" so many times before it gets old. One evening they foolishly rented and suffered through the Martin Lawrence tandem of "Black Knight" and "National Security". This horror led them to realize it was time to put right what once was wrong. It was time to make this site.

What is the theory behind the site?

The site design is based around the relatively unknown LaBarrie Theory. The LaBarrie Theory states, "A movie viewer emotionally interacts with a film in the same manner that they interact with other human beings." To utilize this theory, we first decipher a user's personality and form a general model of how they react to the world and their average emotional state. Next, we establish a relationship between that personality and the movies in our database. The cluster then compares your ideal stimulus and current mood to the possible relationships with movies on file. The film that maximizes the desired criteria is recommended.

How can you tell my personality?

There is an inherent problem when trying to decipher a user's personality via a quiz. Simply put, most people lie. Most people have an idealized vision of who they are and will answer questions as if they behaved in their ideal manner. This leads to inaccurate responses. Our personality quiz is designed to put the user in situations that they have been in before or can easily imagine experiencing. Our hope is that by asking about seemingly unimportant life experiences we will get accurate responses from our visitors. How you act in these situations provides us with an accurate model of your personality.

How do you actually select the movie for me?

Each movie in our database is evaluated and analyzed as if it were an actual person. After we learn what type of mood you are in we perform a few algorithms with your personality model, mood, and the movies in our database. These operations give us an idea of what you would experience if you watched each movie in your current mood. The movie that gives you the best experience is recommended. Movies that you have been recommended, have already seen, and don't want to see are tracked and not considered in the analysis.

Does this thing actually work?

Yep. We've got the stats to prove it.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, you can view it here.


The What To Rent Logo was created by Katie Lares. Thanks!

You've still got more questions?

For help or general questions, you may email us.